Automotive Transportation

At Flyme Aviation, we understand the unique requirements involved in the transportation of vehicles. We specialize in providing automotive manufacturers, dealerships, and collectors with safe and reliable transport solutions for cars, motorcycles, and specialty vehicles.

What We Offer

Our automotive transport services cater to a wide range of vehicle types, ensuring they reach their destination securely. We adhere to strict industry regulations and safety standards to guarantee the protection and condition of the transported vehicles.

Why Choose Flyme Aviation?

Automotive Logistics Experts
With extensive experience in automotive logistics, we are well-prepared to handle the transportation of a diverse range of vehicles, from new cars to classic automobiles. You can rely on us for professional vehicle transport.
Comprehensive Support
Our team provides complete assistance at every stage of the automotive transport process. From securing vehicles for transport to coordinating logistics and providing on-the-ground support, we’ve got you covered.
Global Reach
With a global presence, Flyme Aviation combines international reach with a deep understanding of local regulations, ensuring that we meet specific regional requirements for vehicle transportation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to find answers to common queries about Flyme Aviation's services, and procedures.

Flyme Aviation provides comprehensive services for automotive transportation. We specialize in shipping cars from major international airports worldwide. Our expertise covers the completion of all necessary procedures, document preparation, insurance, customs clearance, and safe car delivery to your intended destination. We distinguish ourselves through our experience in securing reservations with international airlines and completing the shipping process at competitive costs.

Air freight is the ideal choice when you need to transport your vehicles overseas quickly. Compared to ocean shipping, which can take weeks, air freight ensures your car or motorcycle is only a flight away from its destination. Flyme Aviation can help expedite your vehicle shipments through air freight, ensuring your automobiles reach their destinations in a timely manner.

Shipping a car by air is the fastest method but comes with a higher cost compared to ocean shipping. The cost of air freight is typically based on the size of the vehicle. Smaller cars like Porsche 911s can be shipped by plane for just a few thousand dollars. Contact Flyme Aviation today to get a detailed quote for shipping your vehicles by air and discover the cost factors that apply to your specific transportation needs.

Yes, Flyme Aviation has extensive experience in dealing with all types of vehicles, including luxury cars, sports cars, and motorcycles, when shipped via air. Our team is equipped to handle the specialized requirements for the safe and secure transportation of these vehicles via air freight.

To get a price quote for shipping your car by airfreight with Flyme Aviation, simply contact us and provide details about your car, including its type, weight, and dimensions. Also, let us know the destination you have in mind. We will promptly send you a price offer and guide you through the booking process, document preparation, and vehicle pickup and transfer to the airport.

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