Airbus A300-600

As the flagship model within Airbus’ mid-range aircraft lineup, the A300-600 presents a distinct financial edge over its closest rival, boasting a remarkable 8% reduction in operational expenses per passenger. This translates into a significant profitability advantage within the commercial aviation sector. With a typical configuration accommodating between 210 and 250 travelers across three classes, the aircraft is capable of traversing non-stop distances exceeding 4,000 km. Furthermore, its expansive lower-deck compartments are tailored to seamlessly accommodate standard LD3 containers and freight pallets, owing to its generous 222-inch wide-body fuselage cross-section.

Cargo Capacity and Features:


The Airbus A300 offers a payload capacity ranging from 55,000 to 65,000 kilograms, ensuring versatile handling of various cargo requirements.


With a cargo volume of 370 cubic meters, the A300 provides extensive space for efficient cargo transport.

Main Door Dimension

The main cargo door measures 400 cm in length and 240 cm in height, facilitating seamless loading and unloading operations.

Forward Door

The forward cargo door measures 130 cm in length and 140 cm in height, providing additional access for cargo handling convenience.

After Door

The after cargo door measures 140 cm in length and 130 cm in height, enhancing cargo accessibility and adaptability.

Technical Specifications

Max Range: The Airbus A300 offers a maximum range of 4,800 kilometers, making it suitable for medium to long-haul cargo transportation.

Cruise Speed: With a cruise speed of 850 kilometers per hour, the A300 efficiently covers distances while transporting cargo.

Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): The A300 has a maximum takeoff weight of 170,500 kilograms, ensuring effective operation with varying cargo loads.

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW): With a maximum zero fuel weight of 120,000 kilograms, the A300 can accommodate significant cargo while optimizing fuel efficiency.

Crew & Cargo Attendants: Operated by a crew of two, the A300 ensures smooth and efficient cargo transportation.

Max Fuel Capacity: Equipped with a maximum fuel capacity of 55,000 kilograms, the A300 enables extended flights with cargo.

Average Fuel Burn: The aircraft has an average fuel burn of 3.2 tons per hour, contributing to its fuel-efficient operations.

Minimum Runway Length: Requiring a minimum runway length of 2,800 meters, the A300 offers flexibility in airport options, facilitating cargo transport to various destinations.

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