Cargo Freighter B747-800F

At Flyme Aviation, our Cargo Freighter B747-800F redefines cargo transportation. With its remarkable payload capacity of 133,000 tons and expansive cargo volume of 858 cubic meters, it’s a true heavyweight in the world of logistics. Its long-range capabilities and efficient cruising speed make it the ideal choice for your cargo transport needs. Trust us to handle your cargo efficiently and reliably with the B747-800F.

Cargo Capacity and Features:


The Cargo Freighter B747-8F offers an impressive payload capacity of 133,000 tons, making it ideal for transporting heavy and oversized cargo.


With a cargo volume of 858 cubic meters, this aircraft provides extensive space for a wide range of cargo needs.

Main Door Dimension

The main cargo door measures 341 cm in length and 305 cm in height, ensuring the efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

Nose Door

The nose cargo door measures 356 cm in length and 249 cm in height, offering additional access for cargo handling.

Bulk Door

The bulk cargo door measures 112 cm in length and 94 cm in height, providing versatility in cargo transportation.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Range: The Cargo Freighter B747-8F boasts an exceptional maximum range of 8,130 kilometers, making it suitable for long-haul cargo transportation.

  • Cruise Speed: With a cruise speed of 908 kilometers per hour, this aircraft efficiently covers vast distances while delivering cargo.

  • Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): The Cargo Freighter B747-8F has a maximum takeoff weight of 448,000 kilograms, ensuring it can operate effectively with heavy cargo loads.

  • Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW): With a maximum zero fuel weight of 330,000 kilograms, this aircraft can accommodate substantial cargo while optimizing fuel efficiency.

  • Crew & Cargo Attendants: The aircraft is operated by a crew of two, ensuring efficient cargo transportation and safety.

  • Max Fuel Capacity: The Cargo Freighter B747-8F is equipped with a maximum fuel capacity of 227,000 kilograms, enabling extended flights with cargo.

  • Average Fuel Burn: The specific average fuel burn for this aircraft is not disclosed.

  • Minimum Runway Length: The aircraft requires a minimum runway length of 3,048 meters, providing flexibility in airport options.

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